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Check those gift card balances
We’ve all got that one drawer. You know the one - it contains a little bit of everything, an assortment of items that even Marie Kondo wouldn’t be able to find a spot for. And there in the corner, wrapped in a nice elastic band, they sit: the gift cards.
Top 6 ways to use your unwanted gift cards
We’ve all been there: Great-Aunt Lucy hands you a dollar store birthday card perfectly themed for the 14-year-old she seems to think you are. If you’re lucky, it contains a crisp $20 bill.
What To Do With Unwanted Mother's Day Gift Cards
They may have had the best of intentions. They truly thought you wanted to get a Home Depot gift card to finally kick-start your long-awaited kitchen renovation. Or maybe they re-gifted you a Dollar Shaving Club
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